Providing Easy to Use, Easy to Read, Easy to Follow, & Easy to Interpret user friendly surfaces enables me to get the correct information from you so that you do not need to focus on what to look for. Just send any thing construction intended that needs blueprints, I'll quote it, detail it, RFI missing info from A/E's, revise (if req'd), and do site visits.

Whether you're searching for multiple items, supplies or blueprints, you can choose your scope of work below to fit your projects needs. Simply take a scroll, find your type of work, open your planner and contact me directly to put a step on your projects schedule today. Explain what each project requires and add pdf's or videos to further explain any site details requiring specialized attention.

  • Reinforcing Steel Drafting

    $200 / DWG Sheet

  • Architectural/ Structural Drafting

    $150 / DWG Sheet

  • Civil/ Mechanical Drafting

    $400 / DWG Sheet

  • Need a Draftsmen in-house or for a small project? 

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