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Senior Draftsmen - Luis Navarro


Academic Experience

In 2013, Mr. Navarro graduated Stratford High School in Stratford, Connecticut with a fine Grade-Point-Average, 1 Fine Arts Scholarship and 2 Honors in Mathematics. He then attended a trade school, Porter and Chester Institute in Stratford, Connecticut to bring his art and math skills together and take on the Drafting program, in dreams of becoming an Architect. He was soon voted Student Ambassador for two-semesters (6 months) by his fellow classmates. He also had the opportunity to volunteer as a A.C.C.A.D.D Program Representative at the Construction Pro Rodeo with another classmate. This was a sponsored event by Porter and Chester Institute in 2014 focused around showcasing construction careers to high school students.

You can read more about it here and also take a look at Porter and Chester's Accreditation Page here.

Drafting Experience

Before graduating at Porter and Chester Institute in 2014, Luis Navarro landed a 3D Rendering gig converting industry type post-built studio apartments into newly formatted plans for an investor in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The project required Mr. Navarro to utilize all his skills in drafting and engineering to recreate 8 brick and mortar buildings in separate REVIT files. REVIT is a software created by AutoDesk, a software company, to be used by construction designers to manage all building information by modelling every nook-and-cranny.

Mr. Navarro later completed the 5 month 3D gig in Bridgeport and landed an additional opportunity in the industry of construction. A small but growing very fast rebar fabrication shop, now bigger and brighter than before, in Orange, Connecticut required someone with Mr. Navarro's skill set in detailing and reading construction documents. There, he continued his work as a Rebar Technician, mastering the art of designing and placing steel reinforcing in concrete so that Ironworkers are always reading clear & accurate instructional plans to build safe and secure structures.

After providing drafting services in Connecticut for 2-1/2 years, Mr. Navarro moved to New York, applied for a business license and found a chance to work side-by-side with a Landscape Architect as his first client. He assisted in creating and revising storm drainage profiles, grading plans, line of sight profiles and many other civil applications. Mr. Navarro created the website for the company too. Take a Look.

Since 2019, Mr. Navarro has applied his expertise to open business as Moonlight Rebar and assist the industry's best with designing their blueprints in time with these new technical skills. He has gained much more than just the knowledge to work in the industry from P.C.I, he has gained the work ethic abilities to use his everyday experience with Fine Art and Mathematics, which is proudly shown more during his High School years, and implement revisions to stamped procedures, creating more efficient workflows. Moonlight Rebar is focused around providing these same skills for every Contractor, Architect, Engineer or a dreamer with a vision to create, revise, review or reflect on buildings and their designs.