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Moonlight Rebar specializes in Rebar Shop Drawing services. Rebar Shop Detailing is the discipline of preparing steel rod placing drawings/ fabrication drawings/ or shop drawings of concrete reinforcement for construction use by field workers. Not only do Rebar Detailers prepare drawings, but also a barlist of each steel reinforcement that is required for the project. Architects and Engineers prepare design and engineered drawings that develop required strengths by applying rebar size, spacing, location, and lap of steel. 

MoonLight Rebar technicians are Technical CAD Experts in engineering design and architectural blueprinting. All construction documentation are thoroughly reviewed to provide the correct lengths, quantity, & barsize for each project. The process we take assists Architects, Engineers & Contractors in making the first step in the entire construction process a confident one.


We review all construction bid packages for compliance in our scope of work(s) shown below to ensure every design is free from potential field delays in any construction project we are servicing.

24/7 CAD Technicians in the field of Construction & Repair of Infrastructures require the Expertise and Knowledge in Advanced CAD Design and Drafting techniques & Construction processes to provide quick accurate solutions to your project. 

From field surveys (tape measure and paper) to BIM (3D Building Information Modeling) or a simple 2D drawing, Moonlight Rebar will be able to provide quality drafting everytime, even when the Moon is up and your office is closed. Remote detailing/ or in-house detailing in select locations, we have the solution to get it done.


Stacked Steel Rods
Reinforcing Steel
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Flyover Bridges
Halftone Cityscape

Additional C.A.D.D Services

A Drafting Service corporation certified to design quick and accurate drawings in Architecture, Civil and Structural construction using certified CAD software and standards. The corporation consist of certified Skilled Trade Professionals in CADD and construction carrying 8 years experience in design drafting for private companies, site planners, Architects and Engineers. Fully-insured & Licensed design professionals in their respective fields work together to provide to you the high quality solutions to your project.


Collectively, the Corporation offers over 6 different categories to choose from to service all your needs within the Construction Industry. We provide expert CAD consulting & computer services to a wide range of clients throughout the Northeast. Our clients include turnkey solution companies, surveyors, general contractors, Architects, Engineers, or many others in the Design field.  Based upon clients' needs, Moonlight Rebar offers 24/7 complete coordination of CAD projects and selected consulting services.​​

Our services below will give you an outlook into our scope of work that can be provided to you for your project.


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