Senior Draftsmen & Owner of Moonlight Rebar has over 6 years experience drafting and preparing construction plans required by Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. What does that mean? This means we create the drawings for the Architects, Engineers and Contractors alike, so that they can focus on providing their expertise on research and development in the construction industry. Moonlight Rebar is focused on providing all general and public/ private drafting services for construction & planning. You can take a look at our "About Us" page for more information regarding our draftsmen expertise.

If no Engineer or Architect is available for your project, we will find one for you.

                Moonlight Rebar is certified to practice and provide Drafting and Design permit plans, placement drawings, shop drawings, and any other structural, architectural and/or civil plans only with the stamped approval of a Licensed Engineer and/or Architect prior to construction. Moonlight Rebar's expertise derives from all of our staff's years of individually gained expertise working in the field of construction and managing many of their own projects (public/private), creating a successful business plan and workflow that allows us to be available, 24/7.

" Moonlight represents how long I plan to work  past    to    get what you need for construction.....  "       


Detailer's Scope of Work


Civil, Landscaping
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning



Mechanical Tooling



Wood Frame

Also Can Manage

- Logistics

- Material Estimating

- Drafting Team

- Hiring/ Training for C.A.D detailers

- Concrete Steel Reinforcing (Design to Sales) (CRSI, ASA, RebarCAD)

" .....Rebar represents the support you will get from me for every project you have."

- Luis Navarro, Owner

Max File Size 15MB

Send us any helpful documents/ images/ files of what you need created today, we will do our best to get it to you in 24 hours. Using our key elements of communication, research and redevelopment, you can get anything detailed. 

We've made good dreams come true overnight, help us make more good dreams come true.